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Indian Visa Application From Bangladesh Details

Last updated on November 18th, 2021 at 06:59 pm

Attention! This post has been translated automatically from the original Bengali version using Google Translate. So you might find it difficult to understand. I suggest you take a look at the comprehensive guide in Bengali. As the guide is only for Bangladeshi so I believe you know Bengali and be able to better understand it. ভারতীয় ভিসা আবেদনের বিস্তারিত নিয়ম

The first thing that you want to visit India as a tourist is the Indian visa. In order to process Indian visa, many of you may be able to pay a visa form and visa fee by an agent. For this, additional costs are to be counted. Also, the form is sometimes wrong, which can be avoided by itself. Now you can do it yourself without any help from the agent, from the form filling to the submission till all the tasks.

Today I will tell you the way to get an Indian visa and to apply the Indian visa. The experience of submitting my own application with everything, including how to apply for an Indian visa and what documents will be required for it, where, how to submit the accreditation, etc. I myself had done my visa in December last year. In addition, in April last year, I had prepared everything for my brother’s visa.

Because the text is too large, you can use this Quick Navigation menu to quickly navigate to the necessary parts. Click on [show] next to ‘Quick Navigation’ to see the full menu.

Let’s first, what are the steps from the beginning to the end.

1. Prepaid application form (fill, photo and signature)

2. Collection of necessary documents

3. Payment of visa application fee

4. Submit a visa application

5. Collect or withdraw passports.

Papers required for the Indian visa

For those who know what to do, just come to know what the documentation will be, and this is not enough time to read such a great article. So let’s take a look at the documents that are required to be submitted. Here is the order in which all the documents must be submitted. Whenever IVAC is going to see it, it will be repeatedly said that the paper is ready in this order.

  • Passport
  • Single copy of 2×2 inches printed image and Arte soft copy.
  • Purpose Form
  • Smart Card / NID or Photocopy of Birth Certificates
  • Photocopy of utility bill (electricity, water, gas or telephone bill)
  • Bank statement or dollar endorsement
  • Proof of profession (Photocopy of trade license if employer is NOC, student ID card or salary receipt and trading)
  • If you want to offer any other supporting paper
  • Photocopy of passport’s data page
  • If you have old passports, you must pay. Lost certificates are lost.
Ivac fitting papers list

They will take the main copy of all papers, they will want to see. If you can not show it can not be collected. There is no need to staple the papers, they say, if they are stacked, they should be opened. You can take all in one file if you want.

Here only documents that are required for tourist visa are mentioned. The main documents for the medical, transit and business visa are the same, but there are different documents that I can not guarantee for sure. You can learn from IVAC’s Helpline. 🙂

1. Preparation of Indian visa application form

Before completing the application form, you should read these official instructions . Before completing the application, you will need a soft copy of your photo that you have to upload at the last step. So keep ready already. According to them, “digital pictures and a colorful picture (both pictures must be the same and have to be taken in less than three months.)” And see where the information is to be filled with the form IVAC provided this file.

Now go to fill the Indian Visa Form Then click on the ‘ Online Visa Application ‘ link and complete the information.

Seeing the sample file above will give you an idea of what information should be given. Wherever you want any reference to India, you will be given the name of any hotel, telephone number. You can find many hotel names if you search Google Map . Same hotel name, address, telephone number will also be available in the same way that hotel will be in the end at the hotel in the hotel.

Visa Details

Whether you want a visa, how many months, the number of entry and the most important is the port selection part.

You must select ‘Visa Type’ at the very beginning. Since you are going as a tourist, please select ‘TOURIST VISA’.

You can give the 3, 6, 12 you need as you want a month’s visa. But 12 is good, because they can give 12 times instead of 6 months. But if you ask for 3 months, then they will not give them 6 months.

How many times you would like to enter India in the No Entries option. You can require SINGLE or MULTIPLE. However, if you want to go multiple times during the visa tenure, you will get MULTIPLE.

The most important part is the Port Selection. I mean, to select a port to come. For example, our port is very popular in our country. Haridaspur / Benapole, Dauki / Tamabil and Chagrababandha / Burimari. Those who want to go to Shillong, BY ROAD DAWKI, who want to go to Darjeeling, they will be in Changrabandha and those who go to Kolkata or Kolkata to another city of India, they will choose Haridaspur. Now, keep in mind that if you have any Indian visa on any port, you can travel to Haridaspur with any international airport in India and get in the car with Gede. So in my opinion, you can select any other port on the basis of preference, because you are getting Haridaspur by Road, Gede by Rail and AIR free. So I selected ‘BY ROAD DAWKI’ for me. I hope you understand.

Finally upload the photo and print the form.

Now glue a picture of the same image of a 2×2 inch size.

Now sign in the box below and just below the second page as the passport.

Diameter became form ready.


  • After completing the form they will give a temporary id. Keep it safe. Because if there is a problem with the server or if you want to complete the remaining part then go to this link‘Complete Partially Filled
    By clicking ‘Form’, you can start from the previous place with Temporary ID and Captcha.
  • Once the form is complete, you can not edit yourself automatically. But if they go to the application centers, they will fix it, but the fee is 300 rupees.
  • After completing the form, submit it within 8 days, otherwise it will be expired.
  • Fill the passport with caution, emergency information. Such as spelling names, birth dates, passport numbers and other information.

2. Collection of necessary documents

The papers that are to be submitted with passport and form have been explained in detail. Here is the detailed explanation. You can also check out the official website from here . But here I will try to easily explain.

Smart Card / NID or Photocopy of Birth Certificates

It’s just one of them. It is seen by the people that you are the citizen of this country, but it is also necessary to prove the permanent address.   Fill in the form the permanent address accordingly.

Photocopy of Utility Bill

Photocopy of Paid or Unpaid electricity, water, gas or telephone bills for the last three months. Only your current address should match. It is necessary to have matches, but to avoid trouble, the form should be completed by looking at it.

Bank statement or dollar endorsement

Bank statements or dollar endorsements are required to prove financial solvency.

Bank statement : Take into account the last 6 months bank statement by taking at least 20,000 rupees in the account. There should be no copy of the online, seal and signature of the bank. Keep the balance until the visa application is completed. Without a photocopy of the bank statement, you can give a main copy. If you do not have your own bank statement, you can also use your parent’s bank statement.

Dollar Endorsement: From now on the money exchange’s dollar endorsement does not accept IVAC.So you have to make a scheduled banker, meaning 150 dollars from any government, non-government bank. But you can do 200. And must submit the copy of Endorsement’s paper, it will not be endorsed only in the passport. Save the copy or the main copy so that the endorsement paper may be in borders.

Credit Card:   If you have an international debit or credit card, you also have to submit it with the copy of endorsement from the bank. Keep with the main copy. They might call it annually endorsement.

Professional certification

If you are a student, photocopy of student ID card or payee receipt.

NOC (No Objection Certificate) if employed

If you are a businessman, then copy the trade license.

You can give something from the platform that works on the freelancer . For example, print profiles, Erning History. And those who work on Upwork can give ‘Certificate of Earnings’. In any country visa application, it works like a drug. হিসেবে There are freelancer options as a career in Indian visa form. 🙂


If you want to give any other paper, you can give it. But not necessarily something.

3. Payment of visa application fee

At the center, the visa fee is 600/700. Check the fees according to which center you submit an application from IVAC’s official website . Indian visa can be submitted in two ways.

  • You yourself
  • By agent

By itself

It is now very easy to submit Indian visa fees. You can submit your Indian visa fee at home. For this,go to this link and fill in the details and pay with any one of the various payment options. Among the payment options, bKash, Rocket, DBBL Nexus, local foreign credit / debit card etc. For how to complete the whole process, IVAC has prepared a manual ready, see here .

By agent

Now if you do not want to pay yourself, you will find many shops around the visa application center who pay the fee. 600 Taka fees charge 680 with IVAC charge. Agents can take 650 to 700 or more.

No matter how you pay, you will get a message on your phone number. No need to print out or send a message later, if there is a problem with the payment. You will not only check this link once manually that your application fee has been properly deposited. After clicking on the link, click on ‘Check PAYMENT STATUS’ in the top right and update your WEB FILE NUMBER, Passport No and CAPTCHA. There is nothing to worry about here. Now go to submit. 🙂

4. Submit a visa application

Once the visa fee has been submitted, you will need to submit the visa application to any Indian Visa Application Center (IVAC) or ‘Indian Visa Application Center (IWAC)’. At center, you may have an appointment or an auto-fix for your tourist visa. But now many centers do not have an appointment or eToKen. First of all, make sure you get an appointment at the center you submit it to. I gave the center in Shyamoli, Dhaka. There is no appointment or eToKen in this center, all are ready and ready for a day. But there are lots of people here. I went to the line at 8 o’clock in the morning. After that, I was able to complete the whole work in 1:15 pm. If you can understand what the situation is. But this day did not get credited due to the problem in my picture. The madam said, I will not be able to submit for the photo taken in so much angle. Although there was no problem, because in April my brother’s picture was engraved. However, you can take pictures from the studio well. Then I went on Sunday morning, at 7:30 pm I could come back with 10 mid-day deposits. So try to go before you too.

First you have to stand on the line, then if you are near the gate, they will have a printed serial token already, which you will need to sit in the inner room. If you go here, you do not waste their token-display or work. They will call serial in their mouth. So listen carefully, once you miss it you will have to take a back tone, it will only get back to the back. In the meantime, they will say loudly how to apply all paper papers. Then, when your serial is in the counter, you will check all the executives, you will want to see the original copy of all your documents. But if you do not want to see it beforehand, if you do not want to. 😛 What you do, the bank statement can ask questions, why would you go to India. If all is well then you will sign a receipt and another receipt will be given.This receipt will have to return the passport. So be careful.

Some things about this Shyamoli Visa Application Center.

  • There is no appointment or e-token visa for tourist visa in this center.
  • Visa application is taken from 8:30 to 12:30 am. 12: 30 does not allow anyone to enter, those who enter it will apply for them.
  • The brokers will say that they will put the money in exchange for money. You will not listen to the brokers, because we have lapsed the whole system with their services. Just do not do an irregularity while saving some time today. So wait a bit, all of them See if someone can not get a broker🙂
  • There is a photocopy system inside. Every page is 4 taka
  • There is coffee arrangement, 25 rupees per cup.
  • There is a water supply (including one time glass).
  • There is no talk in the phone, but you can listen to music on the internet, headphones. Do not talk about
  • The bag can not go inside But before leaving, you can leave the bag with 20 rupees. They’ll give a token
  • The lines for women are small
  • There will be no line of ‘Senior Citizen’ 65 years of age, and there are separate counters for them.
  • Here is the tourist visa application.
  • Someone can submit For example, one can submit the application of his wife, children and parents. Again, any woman, her husband and children can submit an application. For this reason, the submission of his passport will be submitted with all the applications.

Shyamoli Visa Application Center Address

Ivy, Mirpur Road, Dhaka

Alamin Apon Heights 27/1 / B (1st Floor) Shyamoli, 
Opposite Shyamoli Cinema Hall 
Mirpur Road, Dhaka 1207

Hot Line: 09612 333 666, 09614 333 666


(Little in front of Shyamoli Bend)

Visit Google Map in Google

5. Collect passport

When you submit a visa application, you will receive a receipt so that your name, passport number, web file no, visa application fee, etc. will be given a date The date is given as ‘Delivery on or after: 2017-12-17’. This means that you can get a passport delivery at any given time on or after mention. However, the passports will be delivered at the time of the receipt, but not the time. So, before going to Iowa, check out the status of your application. Generally they are already informed by SMS You can also track your visa application on the Ivac website. For this reason, you should go to this address , then select the center.

Now submit ‘ Web file number’ in the box below . Now you can get the current status of your visa application.

Generally IVACs offer passport delivery from 3:30 to 5:30. See the picture below

IVAC Dhaka Receipt
IVAC Receipt

Though I was about to give passport delivery from 3:30, the day I went, I started four To submit a visa, there is a bigger line to take the passport than the line in the morning. But hopefully it does not take long to get the passport, so the line ends soon My personal idea is, after 4:50, well, the outline is over. They will not talk at the time of passport delivery, just give the receipt and take the passport 🙂

So take your passport and check if you have received a visa. If you get a visa, you will see a page visa applied. I applied for 12 months, but they gave 6 months visas. 🙂So come back to India and write down your travel experience. 🙂

I visited this year in Meghalaya. I turned around, Dauki, Maoulilong, Snowdenpaideng, Cherrapunji and Shillong Read my written Meghalaya travel guide here. Meghalaya Travel Guide Detailed Costs and Other Information

If you do not get the visa, there will be nothing on the page, that means you can get the same as the passport submitted. Bad luck 🙁 Try again

I hope you can answer your questions about Indian visa application. If you have any questions then And if you have update information or any information is wrong, please comment, I will update. It will benefit everyone I will try to give profi credit

Thank you very much for reading.

Notice: Copying the whole text is prohibited. You can give a special part for help, This post has been written in your favor for a long time, so hopefully you will be able to pay attention to the writer’s hardships.🙂

Saiful Islam Sohel

আমি সাইফুল ইসলাম সোহেল। ভালো লাগে নিত্য-নতুন বিষয় সম্পর্কে জানতে ও অন্যকে জানাতে। লিখতে অনেক ইচ্ছে হয় কিন্তু সময় বের করে লিখতে পারি না। আর কিছু লিখতে পারলে অনেক ভালো লাগে। ২০১৩ সাল থেকে ফ্রিল্যান্স ইন্টারনেট রিসার্চার ও সেলস এসোসিয়েট হিসেবে কাজ করছি আপওয়ার্কে। বর্তমানে বি.এসসি ইন সিভিল ইঞ্জিনিয়ারিং পড়ছি ওয়ার্ল্ড ইউনিভার্সিটি অব বাংলাদেশে। কিন্তু ইঞ্জিনিয়ারিং-এ মন নেই, পড়তে হচ্ছে বলে পড়ছি। ক্যারিয়ারে নিজের মত করে কিছু করতে মন চায়। ভ্রমনের প্রতি আকর্ষন তীব্র আমার। তবুও দেখা যায় বছর শেষে দু এক জায়গার বেশি যাওয়া হয় না। :-( আরো পড়ুন

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  1. Can I submit the electricity bill which is in my father’s name to get my visa as I have no utility bill in my own name. Will it be accepted? Please help.

  2. There was an error (date of birth) on my old passport, using that passport i traveled India once. But recently I have corrected it. Will it cause any for getting a new visa?
    Do I have to submit any type of documents relating to this issue?

    Please help.

  3. Can anybody change port before travel in India? Because we want to travel India 8 persons together . But two of them applied for Pulbari as entry & Exit port. Now their Visa will be given 25th July. Can they change their port? Can they apply for Changrabanda on 28th August? Other s applied for Changrabandha.

  4. brother Sohel , please help me with the dollar endorsement certificate thing. i endorsed 200 from bank IFIC. but they did not give me anything except the seal in my passport. now is this called dollar endorsement copy?? or there should be more papers??

    1. “it will not be endorsed only in the passport. Save the copy or the main copy so that the endorsement paper may be in borders.“

      as you said to save that.. but i got nothing but passport endorsed.

      1. my selected port was phulbari- banglabandha. if I want to go by dawki or tamabil port, shall I apply for a new visa or the existing visa will work?

    2. As far as I know, if you have bought dollars as cash they should give you a paper. Even nowadays the money changer also gives you online verifiable documents. But if you have not got one, anything to be worried because on my last border crossing they have not asked for an endorsement certificate.

      I suggest you also read this section which I have updated recently.
      I do not update this English version of the post, so please follow the one written in Bangla.

  5. Hello Brother,

    I have a valid Indian visa till Aug 2019. But this January I have received new Passport (the old passport date expired).

    What do i need to do to travel to India now?


  6. Hi,
    This is a very helpful post, cheers for that. I’ve 2 questions:
    1. I want to submit papers for my family (wife & 2 children) to get tourist visa, so can I submit application forms on behalf of them or they need to submit forms & other docs by physically going there?
    2. For tourist visa, do i need to endorse dollars for my wife & 2 children or my bank statement & endorsed credit card will serve the purpose for them?
    Thanks in Advance.

    1. Hi Kingshuk,

      Thank you for your comment.

      1. You can submit papers for them too. They don’t need to go there.
      2. No dollar endorsement needed. Your bank statement and credit card endorsement will suffice.

      Thank you again! Have a nice trip. 🙂

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