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Saiful Islam Sohel

Last updated on September 16th, 2023 at 12:49 am

Saiful Islam Sohel photo/সাইফুল ইসলাম সোহেল এর ছবি

Have you ever wondered who writes on this Nirbodh blog? Or who is this Nirbodh (stupid)? Below each post, the name and a little description are shown. However, if there is no ‘About’ page on a site, how does it feel? That is why I am writing this page. The Nirbodh is Saiful Islam Sohel. Saiful writes in this blog. He mainly writes about the topics he knows well like traveling, freelancing, and other topics.


Saiful Islam Sohel is a successful businessman, traveler, blogger & ex-freelancer. Currently, he is working as the proprietor of Anio Imports. Anio Imports is a variety of Chinese products importer based in Chawkbazar, Dhaka the biggest wholesale market in Bangladesh.

Saiful Islam is at the Anio Imports office (March 2023)

Before this, he worked as a freelance internet researcher and sales associate at Upwork from 2013 to 2022. He worked with a small team from the beginning. In 2020, Saiful won the BASIS Outsourcing Award in the Individual District category.

BASIS Outsourcing Award 2020 Saiful Islam Sohel
Saiful is receiving the BASIS Outsourcing Award 2020 in Radisson Blu Dhaka Water Garden ( Corona special program, so everyone is wearing masks 😀 )

He was born in a village in Charbhadrasan Upazila of the Faridpur district. He spent his childhood in the village. Then he settled in Faridpur with his family. After a few years, he moved to Dhaka for higher study and now lives in Dhaka for running his business.


In 2019, Saiful completed his BSc in Civil Engineering from the World University of Bangladesh. Earlier he studied Diploma in Civil Engineering at Faridpur Polytechnic Institute. H never had much interest in engineering though. But he enjoyed learning and knowing things from the classes.


His attraction to travel is intense. You can say a wanderluster. But he doesn’t get that much free time for travel. But still, he visits 2-3 places a year. However, he quenches his thirst for travel by reading a lot of travel group posts and travel blogs. He had the opportunity to visit Thailand in October 2019, Bhutan in January 2019, and Meghalaya in India in 2018. From 28 November 2023 to 13 January 2023 in about one and a half months I visited Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Egypt, United Arab Emirates, and Oman. This is so far one of the best tours I have had.

Volunteering activities

Saiful Islam Sohel volunteers online on different platforms. Now he is a Level 9 contributor to Google Local Guides. Earlier he was a Regional Lead (RL) in Bangladesh in the Google Map Maker program. In addition to Google Maps, he also contributes to other Google community programs such as Google Translate, and Google Crowdsource programs. He also occasionally contributes to Wikipedia. He also donates blood as time allows. He is an A (+ve) blood donor.

Hobbies & Interests

Saiful has a lot of interest in reading books. Earlier he has read many books. But nowadays I don’t read that much. But when he goes out, on the bus, or in a traffic jam, he read more books on his mobile. He usually listens to old Bengali and Hindi film songs.

He has a lot of interest in knowing the unknown. He finds the answer on the internet as soon as the question arises in his mind. If he wants to know about anything he immediately searches for that information on Google, Wikipedia, and other resources.

Saiful Islam Sohel tries to obey the rules. He believes if we do not follow the rules, how will the country be better? We are the country. For example, using foot-over bridges and zebra crossings, not breaking the line when standing in line, and being patient. He tries to do these little things to make a change.

If you’ve read all of the above, you’ve learned a lot about me. Well, why did you read about me? Let me know!

Here are the links to Saiful Islam Sohel’s social media profiles. Follow him for updates. Youtube, FacebookTwitterLinkedInInstagram, YoutubeCrunchbase